Woodhorn World Championship Qualifier – July 2021.

Woodhorn World Championship Qualifier – July. This was an afternoon race – quite unusual for any Triathlete – so resting , eating appropriately and mentally preparing was a new challenge. Time passes though , soon I was at race HQ and collection my timing chip, stickers and race number. It was the first race this year where athletes were allowed to get in the water before the swim start – thank you – much better. My swim in the lake went well , the run out to transition was hard – up a hill and 500 m (ish), but transition was grassy and barefoot friendly. My T1 was on the money. The bike was right hand turns – again very unusual. The views down the coast road were glorious but not really for taking in as traffic and pedestrians were there to be navigated safely. The bike was longer than the normal 40km and my legs were not really ready for a fast run . I was happy with my average bike power- better than Southport . My T2 was also on the money – competitive and in the mix. My run was slower though, having spent extra energy on the bike. Smiles all round however as I came 4th in my woman’s age group which is a direct qualification place for the ITU World Championships in Abu Dhabi 2022. The tweaks to my Annual Training Plan completed with my Triathlon coaching expertise definitely paid off.