Who I Am

Welcome to my site…my name is Sarah and I started triathlon in 2009 during a very dark and difficult period of my life . What I had hoped for my future had shattered into a thousand pieces and all the dreams and possibilities that went with it had disappeared. I suffered with depression and lack of direction,  and mentally life was suddenly quite bleak. Don’t get me wrong, I was and am married to a loving husband with a supportive family network and was working for a great and understanding business but I needed something else to focus on. Some friends in my village invited me to support them at a triathlon event and the rest is history.

The racing looked to be great fun and soon after they challenged me to participate and I truly haven’t looked back or stopped since. The constant opportunity to review and improve myself, the structure and the excitement of a race motivates and thrills me. The daily, weekly, monthly and annual training regime gives structure to my life and gives me the opportunity to build on my strengths and improve . The process of determining what events to enter and how then to plan and train for them has a myriad of possibilities and knock on scenarios. If all that isn’t enough there is the added benefit of meeting new people whilst training or racing. One of the unexpected bonuses over the past few years is that I’ve made several good friends and met lots of like minded people, its a great community.

After leaving the corporate world of work, I started thinking that I wanted to give something back to the sport that I love and which has given me so much.  I completed my coaching qualifications through British Triathlon and I volunteer at a local Tri-club both as a coach for the juniors as well as for the adults. Although I’m already a coach, I still have a coaching mentor for myself. I believe the benefits are wide ranging from keeping me grounded, helping me see the bigger picture as well as focusing on detail, feelings and of course the data.

The improvements I have made through the process have taken me to several European and World championships, I am proud of my best placing as 1st in my Age Group at the all England BTF Championship. My passion remains to help and guide others to succeed in their goals and that’s what leads me here today…