Basic Setup: 1 off costAdvanced Setup: 1 off costAthlete centred
Coaching Provision
1:1 coaching -
travel costs to
be agreed
Cost£20.00£40.00£45/month payable per calendar month£20/hr
What you getTraining goals face to face discussion.
Translate goals to training plan.
In depth discussion on Athlete requirements.
Translate goals to training plan.
Basic bike fit check.
Basic run Analysis.
Google spreadsheet or Basic Training
Peaks Account.
Personalised progressive training plan.
Weekly programme edits if required
due to unforeseen circumstances.
Multi-sport: Swim, Bike & Run.
Weekly skype or mobile review.
Contactable by text or whatsapp
response typically within 24 hrs.
Swim technique analysis & coaching ,
additional cost of lane to be funded
by athlete.
Run technique analysis & coaching.
Bike Handling / transition training.